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My Mom

Posted on 2009.04.23 at 18:06



Posted on 2009.04.03 at 23:15
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Well I need some extra cash for cosplay XP... So I'm going to be selling some of my old clothes on ebay. If anyone would care to take a look here's the two links.





Posted on 2007.07.22 at 01:27
Current Mood: curiouscurious
ok i need help deciding if these wigs are good quality and which ones I should get. cuz i really suck on decissons about wigs or anything that has to do with wigs
*edit* I found another wig and more for Haruhi
Possible WigsCollapse )


im bored as hell

Posted on 2007.07.19 at 21:24
Current Mood: blankblank
ok i already miss everyone and there's nothing to do here XPP, but i guess it'll be a good chance to catch up on my sewing.

I already feel dead with out all of u guys lol(rosie,jimmy,alyssa, and my wifey aubree).

Omg this morning was so horrible...:( just thinking about it makes me want to cry... Ok so u know those dreams where u get so mad at a person and ur so mad u can feel it idk how to explain it but ur crazy mad? lol and when u wake up ur mad at that person. Well i had a dream, well i guess u can call it a nightmare(for me it really was),that was pretty similar but i was extremely sad and I couldnt stop crying. It was the saddest i have ever felt...In my nightmare idk i was in my senior year of highschool and my dad was fine and he didnt have cancer in my dream and next thing i know he died. everyone tried making me feel better but for some reason it didnt work it just made it worse. occassionally in my dream i would just try and forget about it so i could actually function(but idk what happend when i wasnt crying). but everything i saw reminded me of him and i would start bawling my eyes out. Which made me realize how truly scared i am of losing my dad.. so all i could do when i woke up was lay there in bed all covered up until i finally built up enough nerve to actually get up. even though i know it wasnt real im still really shaken up about it..

ok in other news(not sad but funny)

my cousin went to this theatre thing for acting and i kinda just sat there and obsereved them all lol. So when we were done we sat outside on a bench waiting for her mom and this weird asian guy on a bike came up and was hitting on me! LOL well thats what my cousin said he was doing, I couldnt understand a goddamn word he was saying so i just kept saying "idk", "uhhh no". lol it was really funny though.

As for cosplay I am so excited to be Black Rose Duelist Kozue from Utena and cosplay the girl with long blue hair from Lucky Star!!!!!!!!


Sac Anime

Posted on 2007.07.16 at 00:17
Current Location: Konoha
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: Jingle bells rock
Omg i wish it wasnt over... i kinda am cuz i was seriously melting..... but i am so proud of myself i did my first naruto cosplays ever and they all came out pretty good ^^... i cant wait to do more.

First day I was tsunade I had so much. and it was pretty funny everyone was molesting my balloon boobs but when people did that they'd start to pop out of my bra after a while. We got there kinda late so theres nothing really too say except it was really fun and PikminLink's dad makes me laugh.lol

the next day i dressed up as Snj gaara for 20 mins lol. then went back to the room to finish up tenten and ino. then we had a giant forum dinner gathering and my group went to fresh choice its was so good. then when we got back i dressed up as Ino with my friend Aubree as sakura and occasionally we'd fight over sasuke but we'd go forget it and became a yuri couple it was great. i <3 Aubree my wife( i cant wait to be Karin with her as Sakura ^^). and we went to the naruto gethering where i was the only ino and the only member of team 10...which made me sad :(... oh well i was team 10 lol. then we just went back to the room and practiced our skit.

the last day I was ino all day and we practiced our skit some more and did it at the masq. Our skit was us as the Konoha naruto girls doing the talent show"jingle bells rock" dance from mean girls. it was great!!! and we won best in novice!!!!!! there was more stuff that went on but this is the main part and it was just a great con i cant wait for comiccon!!!!!!!!!



Posted on 2007.07.09 at 20:45
Current Mood: excitedexcited
ok I am practically done with the rival jacket!! yay!! all i have to do is attach the zipper ^^. after that ill do touch ups on my ino costume so tomorrow all ill have to work on is gaara and swimsuit. then ill just finish the swimsuit on thursday and ill be all set for sacanime friday!! omg i cant wait!!!

im so excited not only am I gonna cosplay from naruto finally ill have three naruto cosplays to wear!!!!!!!!!!

Also i've always wanted to do this and alyssa and rosie said that they were going to do this for the next school year that is coming up(so of course i have to do it to cuz the idea is just too cool). Which is we're gonna make school uniforms from our favorite anime's and wear them to school. but Rosie and Alyssa will be wearing them all the time while ill wear them once or twice a week.

So far these are the ones im gonna make(cuz i dont know what other ones they wanna make)

Ouran Haruhi:
-highschool(female and male uniforms)



The Melacncholy of Haruhi Suzumiya:
-Yuki Nagato

-Rena Ryuuga

-Sailor Saturn's school uniform


and i dont know who else lol

Posted on 2007.07.09 at 06:14
Current Mood: draineddrained
well today seemed like a long day. this morning?/last night?? ummm lets say 3 in the morning. Rosie really wanted to sleep and so did Phillip cuz they had to work in the morning. so we all fell asleep in alyssa's room. Sadly me and alyssa couldnt fall asleep for like 3 hours after. It also really didnt help that jimmy kept rolling around and bumping into me but thats ok i woke him up in the morning.

so around...umm 3pm me, alyssa, and rosie went to the fabric store and micheals. Rosie was going to buy tenten fabric so i kinda just had to come out and say i was making it for her as a thank u for everything shes done for me but i wanted it to be a surprize. well lets just say i didnt get the reaction i was looking for and im not making her anything that has to do with cosplay again unless she ask for help. So i gave her the parts i was working on which was like 50% done and she's going to finish it up.

So i went home and i was about to take a shower then jimmy came over trying to make me come over in my all nastiness. but i just kept telling him no i need a shower first. so finally he gave up and i won yay! ...yah that was my exciting new day and now im gonna go finish jimmy's rival jacket and sasuke.


"I stay up late" lol

Posted on 2007.07.07 at 04:06
omg today jimmy and i were suppose to sew but i was way too lazy and tired to so i barely did anything at all so i just sat there and goofed off. later though me, jimmy, and rosie all went to alyssa's house and watched john tucker must die. after tim left we started to play that truth or dare game again. Like the first one me and jimmy had to kiss(yah...that was pretty special... XP lol), i had to kiss aubree, i had to eat this weird thing(mustard, ketchup, bbq sauce and something else mixed together) on alyssa's nose, say the abc's under water, climb on the shelf thing above the refrigrerator(sp? idk i cant spell im too tired), alyssa gave me two wet willies, and other stuff. OH YAH! i also had to dress up in my friend alyssa's jiraya costume XDDD it was so funny.

but yah i had fun but i have to sit down and really work but im a day ahead of schedule which is ok i guess cuz i goofed off all day today. but what really sucks is that i didnt pass my ap 11 english test, i got a 2.... oh well better then a 1


i dont feel to good

Posted on 2007.07.05 at 19:12
yesterday was a lot of fun i really liked it. except when we played truth or dare and aubree had to lick carmel off my neck that was the worse. what was even worse alyssa mistook the syrup for carmel so i had syrup all over my shirt but thats ok i guess i hugged jimmy later and he was wearing white

Also i spent the night at alyssa's and me, aubree, and alyssa all slept in alyssa's bed and i fell into the dark abyss aka the crack in between her bed and the wall. so yah thats where i was when i first wokeup and i couldnt get out cuz aubree was right next to me lol. but after i really woke i just became extremely depressed and i still am.... idk even know why really... well i probably do but i dont care i just wanna feel better



Posted on 2007.07.04 at 14:43
Current Location: theme song for the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya
omg i love the show the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya! Yuki is the coolest!! ever since I saw Ebbie dress up as haruhi i always wanted to watch it but it wasnt until rosie and jimmy started to watch it, that i started to as well. but im so excited to cosplay as yuki now even though im not doing penelo now but thats ok..

Im really excited for alyssa's party though i just hop im not all grumpy cuz pms but im pretty i wont be cuz this time im just having the blah's aka im all yuki status.. but ill make sure i take some medicine just incase.

Also im so excited that my brother is going to be honey when we do ouran, but the only thing that'll suck is me and him wont be wearing contacts(well hopefully i will) and my brother wont be wearing a wig or bleaching his hair. but its ok ill just style his hair like honey(except his hair is a lil longer but thats ok) also his hair is pretty blonde.

Anyway i never took senior pics cuz i never got anything in the mail about it so yah idk what to do i guess ill call the place tomorrow.

Things left to do for sac anime:

Tsunade- estimated time 2 days
finish top
buy shoes
do some applique on the robe

Politoed swimsuit-estimated time 2 days
make it lol

Snj Gaara-estimated time 1 day
attach waits band
hem it
put elastic in the pants
refind shorts

TJ Ino-estimated time 1 day or 1/2 day
attach new buttons
hem skirt
put elastic in for the fishnet

secret cosplay- 2days

so i have exactly 8 days left so i better buckle down after tomorrow

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